The 8 rooms and 3 suites of the Monastery of Saint-Mont Hotel & Spa reflect with refinement the quintessence of chic and authenticity in this building built in the 11th century on a Roman oppidum and completely renovated under the direction of Stephane Bastouil (architect Uni in Tarbes), which notably produced Le Jules Vernes Restaurant, Eiffel Tower Paris, Restaurant “Benoit” Alain Ducasse Group New York 53th Street, Guerlain Parfumerie .. And who cleverly combined the respect of places and its complexity due to its classification. to the Buildings of France by taking back unique pieces of antiquity which served as bases for these first drawings.

We will also find period floors, a monumental oak staircase, the old kitchen with its fireplace remained intact, a library for moments of relaxation and a Cluniac cellar unique in the region … The volumes are generous and the atmosphere there is warm, the spacious rooms are all bathed in natural light with mostly views of the vineyards of the cuvée of the monastery and the Pyrenees.