With its impressive collection of AOC Saint-Mont wines such as the cuvée du Monastère, pre-phylloxera vines (plot dating from 1871 that resisted phylloxera decimated the French vineyards in the late nineteenth century, …). But also winemakers’ wines rigorously selected from other regions.

The bar of the Monastery of Saint-Mont has something for the amateurs. The hosts of the Monastery of Saint-Mont will have the privilege to taste their favorite wines in the salon or in the magnificent library if they wish. Cocktails are appreciated à la carte and the largest bottles of Armagnac and other alcohols are on offer.

On the kitchen side, at lunch and dinner, a few suggestions of seasonal savory and sweet dishes around market products, always in the spirit of Jean Paul Tossens’ cuisine.

lunch noon to 2 p.m. and dinner 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.